About Me

I am a person who loves to program!
I am currently working on a game engine written in C++ and I am using GLEW and GLFW to use OpenGL!
I can program in many languages, including but not limited to, C++, Java, VisualBasic, Javascript, Python, PHP and Lua (these are the ones I actively program in)

I mainly use a PC for gaming and programming, but I also own a Nintendo New 3DS XL and a Nintendo DSi
My 3DS runs CFW (custom firmware) in the form of Luma 3DS and uses fastboot3DS to run boot.firm (the Luma 3DS file) at boot.
If you are interested in homebrew or custom firmware for the Nintendo 3DS, I recommend you check out 3ds.hacks.guide
I'm waiting for RocketLauncher to be released so I can install hiyaCFW on my DSi.