The Start of my Game Engine Development Journey

My Game Engine development journey started when I decided I wasn't going to use Unity or UE4.
Want to know why? Refer to Why I didn't just use Unity or UE4

I first began developing my Game Engine in Java after finding tutorials on Youtube. I watched the theory part of the videos, where the video producer would explain how to do something and then tried to recreate what they explained by refering to OpenGL documentation.

Not too long after, I had a fully working game Engine written in Java, however I read a comment on one of the videos I watched saying that quite a lot of people just took code of the internet and said they were Engine developers. I knew that wasn't what I had done, so I decided I would remake my Game Engine in a fairly different language. Not just because of the chance people would wrongly group me with people who didn't understand what they were doing, but also because Java isn't a very fast language since it is a bytecode.

I decided I would remake my engine in C++ as it doesn't share many libraries and has very different syntax. It would also help me understand the difference between data and pointers (which I do know :D). C++ is also quite a lot faster than Java because it is ran natively instead of as a bytecode. Plus, having a version of the Engine in Java and C++ would allow me to really see which language was faster.